Sneakerness is back! After 1 year without event, they will kick off this Sneakerness season in the Kromhouthal, Amsterdam on 11 & 12 September.

Some information from the organization:

Just like musea, shops and fairs, the Kromhouthal is a “doorstroom”-venue. This means there is NO need for testing or Corona passports, but we keep 1,5 meter social distance and we kindly ask you to use your common sense when visiting us.

For this event we will be working with timelots. They start at twelve, two and four o’clock. These timeslots are put in place so we can regulate the incoming traffic and the venue does not get overcrowded at any time. No stress, you don’t have to leave when the next timeslot starts.

We will be opened till seven o’clock on Saturday. On Sunday we close at six o’clock. If you want to join us on both days, you will need to have tickets for both days. Kids up till 11 years old do not need to buy a ticket when they are accompanied by an adult.

Are you going this weekend? You can still buy tickets here.

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