About Calceus.eu

Calceus.eu is a website with exclusive limited edition sneakers. Everything available on the site is what we have in hand, and you can also ask us if we can find the sneaker you’re looking for!

Calceus.eu was found in 2016 and is based in The Netherlands.

Are all sneakers new, or are some of them used?

We only sell brand new and never worn sneakers. So if you buy a sneaker from us, your feet is the first one to touch it.

Do you deal with fake sneakers?

We’ve never, and will never deal with fakes. All our sneakers are authentic and legit.

Can you ship to my country?

We do ship to most of the country’s around the world. Wan’t to know if we ship to your country? Put the item you wan’t in your cart and find out if your country is on the list at the checkout. You can also find the shipping costs over there.


You still have a question? No problem! Head over to the ‘contact’ button and ask us. Hope we can get you the answer!